About Karen

New York City based wedding, portrait and event photographer.

A friend once called me the "emocumenter" of our group of friends. According to the urban dictionary "emocument" means:

the process of documenting one's personal experiences for the sole purpose of sharing with friends, usually with photography.

Emocumenting, Emocumented, Emocumentary

"Where is Karen? She needs to be emocumenting!!"

While my photography has evolved past just photographing my friends (although I definitely still do that!), having that connection of friendship with my clients is still important.

Born and raised in Virginia Beach, I lived in Richmond, Virginia for 8 years and was able to really work on my photography with the different people and events there. I'm excited to be in New York City, a place I always knew I'd end up.

Now I live in an apartment in Brooklyn with a cupcake shop around the corner that I wish my apartment was above. I love iced coffee, avocados, dresses and exploring new places.

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photo credit: Tim Beckford